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Meet the Staff

  • Jason

    Hello everyone, my name is Jason Pegg. I am the Head Teacher at Smile Kids International. I’m originally from America, but have been living in Japan for the last 5 years. This will be my 5th year teaching at Smile Kids and I’m really enjoying working with the children here every day. My wife is Japanese and we have a son together. I’ve had a wonderful experience living in Japan and look forward to many more great years in this beautiful country. In my free time I love watching baseball, playing golf, studying web design and spending time with my family. I will do my best to create a positive learning environment and teach my students English to the best of my ability. Let’s have fun learning English at Smile Kids!

  • Rachael

    My name is Rachael and I am from the U.S.A.
    In college I studied music and graduated with a Bachelor of the Arts in Music and a Minor in Biblical Studies. While in college I played flute in the Symphonic Band, Concert Orchestra which traveled all over the United States and internationally, and the University Orchestra. After college I married my husband and moved to Japan. After moving to Japan, I started working at Smile Kids International. I enjoy my time at Smile Kids and teaching all of the children is my favorite part.
    I am so happy that I get to work at Smile Kids and teach. All of the students and staff are wonderful to work with.

  • Yoko

    Hi. My name is Yoko and I’m the Kinder class assistant.
    I went to University and received a degree as a Nursery and Kindergarten teacher.
    After graduation, I worked in a Japanese nursery school for several years and then moved overseas for 2years to work as a nanny.
    My hobbies include hiking and running.
    At Smile kids, there are a lot of opportunities for the children to increase their curiosity and possibilities not only through English education but also through a variety of different classes.
    I will do my best to create a positive and fun learning environment!
    I’m looking forward to meeting you all.
  • Karen

    Hello! I’m Karen.I’m the Nursery Teacher. I was born in America and I spent about 7 years in America and Canada. Because of this, my English sounds native. Although my English hasn’t developed because I grew up only speaking English as a child, so I am still studying English now. I’m also studying for International Early Childhood Education and Montessori Education now.
    I hope the kids who are in our school will enjoy English and also have a lot of fun everyday.

  • Takako

    Hello! My name is Takako. I am the office manager and in charge of school orientation. It is always a pleasure for me to encounter new people. I have always enjoyed studying English and working with children. This led me to obtain a certificate in Early Childhood English Education. I am still constantly searching for new teaching activities and children’s books.
    My goal is to help the children develop their personalities, treasure themselves, build confidence and show them that English is fun!
    Please come see Smile Kids, I’m looking forward to meeting everybody.

  • Lea

    Hi I am Lea. As your kids teacher, I know that I have an important role to build a foundation for your child’s little mind. I believe that it takes a big heart to help shape a little mind. I can assure you that my heart for your kids is big enough to teach and help them become a well-rounded individual. Thank you so much for entrusting your kids to me. I am looking forward to more fruitful & exciting years ahead.

  • Kumiko

    Hello,there! I’m Kumiko. This is my 5th year working at this school. After college, I worked for the Embassy of Japan in the U.S. I hope to help all students to discover the joys of education I enjoy playing with kids, and I am excited to spend time With them, Let’s enjoy learning English!

  • Sayuri

    Hello. My name is Sayuri. I get a lot of energy from the children at ”Smile Kids”every day.☻ I hope to help the children enjoy school life and learning English. I like reading ,traveling, and going to Disneyland.

  • Sachiko

    Greetings to everyone! My name is Sachiko.
    I am half Filipino-half Japanese. I grew up with my Grandparents in the
    Philippines. After graduating college at an international school in the
    Philippines, I decided to live here in Japan for good. 2 years ago I couldn’t
    speak Japanese very well and so I decided to learn Japanese.
    Although I am just starting to work here at Smile Kids, I know how the kids
    feel when their parents send them to our school, because I was once a child
    too. That is why I try my best to make the children feel at home and
    try to stand as a good example and be their guardian.

  • Arima

    I am the school bus driver, Hitoshi Arima. This is my third year working at Smile Kids. My hobby is to practice Taekwondo. Whenever I drive the bus, I’m always checking our students’ faces, how they are and who’s s sleeping. I am concerned how fast we drive around curves and corners for the students who are taking a nap. And I do my best to send all the students safely back to their guardians every day.

  • Maki

    I am the bus attendant, Maki. I have a 23year old son and a 18 year old son. I love cooking! I have been doing my best to cook hearty meals for my growing boys with healty ingredients. I have been working at Smile Kids since 2006 as a bus attendant and it’ll be my 10th year this fall. On this turning point of 10 years, I will continue to take care of the students to the best of my abilities.


Shousinn#3 Building 2F 1-6-6 Kitakashiwa Kashiwa-shi Chiba Japan

When you come by train

Please come toward the south exit and pass by “Hidakaya”, and then come straight ahead along the railroad.The road is parallel to the railroad.
Turn left at the third block and the school building is on your left.
Smile Kids International is on the 2nd floor.
It takes about 3 minutes from Kita-Kashiwa Station on foot.

When you come by car

When you come from the direction of Kashiwa on the route 6, you will see the sign “北柏入口”(to Kitakashiwa).
Please get down from the route 6 there, and make a right turn at the first intersection.
And then please make a left turn right after the viaduct of railroad. You can find the big sign on the roof of the small white building ahead.
When you come from the direction of Kita-Kashiwa station, go straight ahead to the first intersection and turn right. Follow that road and turn right just before going under the train tracks.
You will see the Smile Kids International sign on the building in front of you.