Floor Guide

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Yearly Schedule

  • 4月スマイルキッズ親睦会
  • 5月Extracurricular Activity
  • 6月P.E.Festival
  • 7月pool / 個人面談
  • 8月Summer Holiday / Summer school
  • 9月Field Trip with Mothers
  • 10月Digging Sweet Potatoes/Halloween Party
  • 11月Observation
  • 12月Christmas Party
  • 1月Winter school
  • 2月Field trip for Graduation/ English Festival
  • 3月Gradutaion Ceremony

School Lunch

School lunch is available everyday. We charge 360 yen for one.
It will be charged on your tuition fee every month.

Everyone in Kinder Class have school lunch on Tuesdays and Thursdays.
School lunch is optional for Nursery Class.
School lunch for students with food allegies are also available.

Extended Care

Extended care is available from 7:45am to 6pm.

Extended Care

Temporary extended care is also available if necessary.
Also monthly extended care and full day care are available.
If you have a full time job, we are able to take care of your child like day care.