(日本語) 授業の内容や子どもの様子などは保護者にきちんと伝えてもらえますか?
(日本語) はい。年に2回の個人面談でお子様の様子を担任からお話しします。毎月発行のアクティビティカレンダーで授業のプランを前もってお知らせします。キンダー・ナーサリーのみ閲覧可能のブログにて実際の様子を写真・動画でお伝えしています。
Do you accept children in diapers as young as 2 years old?
Yes, we do. When you start to train her/him to use shorts, please let us know. We can support what you do.
From what age can children join Smile Kids?
Children need to be able to walk to the park unassisted, so the minimum age is 18 months.
Are the teachers foreigners? Are they native English speakers??
Yes, they are all native English teachers in Kinder Class. Teachers in Nursery Class are also native Eiglish speakers or a teacher from countries which use English in everyday use. And all of them have experience at English education and teaching small children.
Do I have to wait untill next trimester or the next school year to enroll my child?
No, we accept new students any time as long as we have a vacancy. However, we don't know what level your child's English ability is, so your child might not beable to join the same age class. Plus we may suggest you that you'd better to have private lessons before joining the group lesson.
Do you have out-door activity like park time every day?
Yes, we do, as long as the weather is good. There's a park just behind our school.
What kind of events do you have?
We have Halloween, Christmas, field trips, open day, extracurricular activities like going to a Fire station and a Disaster prevention center, plus the Japanese usual events as well.
(日本語) 保護者のお手伝いや役員会など集まりは頻繁にありますか?
(日本語) 運動会の旗作りとハロウィンの飾りでお手伝いを有志でお願いしております。園の方で基本仕切ります。連絡網は園からの一斉メールです。卒園のアルバムも園で作成いたします。
Is it possible to observe a class or do you have a trial lesson?
Yes, please call us or email to make an appointment. Please visit us with your child in the morning session from 10:30 on weekdays. Your child can have a trial lesson with no charge after the interview on the observation day.
Do you have Eiken Class?
Yes, we do, but it's not during the normal lesson time. It's one of extracurricular activities after school. 6 students have passed Grade 3 of the Eiken Test in practical English procifiency before the graduation. 2 student has passed Grade Pre-2 of the Eiken Test within 1 year after graduation. A lot of students have passed Grade 4 and 5 of the Eiken Test. (This information in this report is correct as of April, 2016.)
(日本語) アフタークラスは、スマイルキッズの生徒でなくても受けられますか?
(日本語) はい。普通の英会話教室とお考え下さい。外部の幼稚園や小学校の生徒さんも通ってきています。
Can you arrange make-up lessons for missed classes?
Yes, we can only for Nursery Class students and Saturday Class students.
Is it possible to leave school for longer than a month without paying tuition.
No, this is not possible. However, we do make some exceptions.
Can we get discount if a sibling joins the school as well?
Yes, the second child will get a 10 % discount fron the tuition fees.
Do parents need to be fluent English speakers?
No, phone calls and communications to and from the school will be in English or native Japanese as required.
Do children have homework ? How about test?
We give original homework to our kinder students monthly.
(日本語) 宿題はありますか?テストはありますか?
(日本語) Smile Kids オリジナルのホームワークが出ます。 教師が必ずチェックします。テストはありません。