Privacy Policy

We (Smile Kids International) protect all students and guardians personal information. This is our responsibility.

1.about the principles to acquire personal information

As needed, we might ask for your email address, phone and fax number for an application of enrollment or trial.
Personal information includes name, address, date of birth, phone number, email address and any personal information that can identify a person.

We will utilize the personal information only for the invoice, guidance, shipping text books, the statement of enrollment, etc.
We will not utilize the information for other purposes without permission.

2.Disclosure of personal information to Third parties

We never disclose or provide personal information to others without asking besides legal situations. management of personal information

We store personal information and keep it strongly guarded. We take action to prevent information from leaking , diverting, interpolation, being lost and corruption of personal information by unlawful computer access.

4.Referral of personal information

In the event you would like access to or to change personal information. You must provide sufficient documentation proving you are the guardian of the child whose information you wish to obtain. We will take precautions when releasing information.