Free enrollment ¥64,800 → ¥0
Free one month tuition fee
※Siblings who haven’t gone to kindergarten yet are eligible for this campaign.

-Why choose Smile Kids?-

【We provide a high quality English education】
Teachers who lead the classes were trained by a distinguished international school.

【We provide a unique original curriculum】
From our Nursery class through our Kinder classes, we offer an English immersion environment. All our classes are taught by native English speaking teachers with experience in early childhood education. Our curriculum follows a monthly theme approach which allows our students to learn a broad range of topics in English. We focus on English fluency as well as writing, reading and phonics. To help build our students motor skills and cognitive development we provide many creative crafts as well as our “learning centers”. Our learning center activities have been developed to appeal to the 7 multiple intelligences in children. We believe our unique program at Smile Kids International will provide your child with the foundation they need to be successful in life.

【We provide all the necessary learning materials and educational facilities】
We provide the students with homework, stationery and many other school supply items as well as disaster prevention goods.

【We provide an early childhood physical education lesson】
Our P.E. Class is taught by a professional instructor in Japanese. Students are able to learn about Japanese style lessons which is important for when they enter Japanese elementary school. (English translation is provided during the lesson when needed.) We also provide other exercise programs, such as “Bilibo” and “Danglish”.

【Our classrooms are colorful and fun】
The rooms are decorated with student projects.

【We have many special events every year】
Birthday Parties, PE Festival, Halloween, Christmas Party, Potato Digging,
English Festival, Field Trips and many more.

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