2016.04.10.(日本語) スマイルキッズの新学期が4月8日よりスタートしました☆

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2016.02.22.(日本語) ☆新兄弟・姉妹割引とナーサリークラスについてのご案内☆

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2016.01.26.Enrollment Fee Campaign + Bring a friend and Sibling Campain

☆Sign up deadline by March 31st☆

【Enrollment Fee Campaign】

Nursery Class: 64,800yen ⇒ NOW FREE!
Kinder Class: 64,800yen ⇒ NOW FREE!
After Class : 10,260yen ⇒ HALF PRICE!
Saturday Class : 21,600yen ⇒ HALF PRICE!
Private Class : 10,260yen ⇒ HALF PRICE!

☆When you bring a friend or sibling you can reieve a 2,000yen gift card.

☆New students introduced by a current Smile KIds student,
will recieve a Smile Kids small tote bag.

☆When new students signup together with their friends they can both recieve a 1,000yen gift card.

2016.01.20.♪Spring School 2016♪

Please join us!!

2015.12.21.(日本語) 年末年始休校のお知らせ

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2015.11.30.☆Winter School 2015☆

☆Winter School 2015☆

Ages : 1.5 – 12 years old
Class size : Up to 20
Dates : December 21st – 25th
Time : 10:00am – 2:30pm
Tuition fee : 20,000yen (Repeat student discount is available)
※Free Enrollment fee
Insurance : 2,668yen (This insurance is valid for a year from the last spring school)
School lunch : 360yen/meal
School bus : Normal Smile Kids bus route is available, 800yen/round-trip

◇Application deadline : December 11th