2021.01.09.(日本語) Back to School! 3学期のスタートです☆

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2020.12.28.(日本語) 休校期間のお知らせ

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Please check it out!

2020.10.23.☆Check out our Instagram☆

Check out our Instagram!

2020.09.12.(日本語) ☆AERA English特別号に掲載されました☆

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2020.09.08.☆School Information Session☆


10月12日(月)    9:50~10:30
10月17日(土)   9:50~10:30
10月26日(月)    9:50~10:30



★10/12(月)と10/26(月)は入園説明会が終わった後10:40~11:30の時間で、Mommy and Meクラスに参加いただくことも可能です。定員に限りがありますので、参加希望の方は必ずご予約してください。(初回参加無料です。)

↓Mommy and Meについての詳細は下記ホームページをご覧ください。↓


2020.09.03.(日本語) Back to School!

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2020.06.03.(日本語) 「新しい生活様式」のもとスタートしました

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2020.05.05.Re-postponed the start of the new semester

Since the state of emergency was extended until the end of May, Smile Kids International has decided to re-postpone the start of the new semester of the nursery and kinder class. We will continue to offer the Smile Kids students online lessons, fun activities, and worksheets. We, unfortunately, will be unable to accept the attendance of children during this time, with the exception of children who really need childcare, such as children of parents who are essential service workers.

Although we are in an uncertain and unforeseen situation, we hope the coronavirus situation gets resolved as soon as possible. We have been preparing to start our new school year as usual from June. However, we will inform you on what we will do in June if this hard situation continues after May.

Despite everyone’s difficult situation, we are very grateful for your cooperation and understanding.

All the Smile Kids International staff, hope all of you are safe and well.

2020.04.21.🌟YouTube Lesson🌟

Smile Kids International considers it most important to keep in touch with all the Smile Kids and their families during the current situation.
That is why we started to provide online 1 on 1 and group lessons as well as pre-recorded YouTube video lessons that you can watch anytime.

We are thankful that the parents are cooperative with us as we work together to achieve our new home-based learning of English. 👪

From the bottom of our hearts, we are trying our best to make each of the Smile Kids students happy and enjoy learning. 😊💝