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☆Winter School☆

1日単位で日にちをお選びいただける参加しやすいコースです。(2日前までお申し込み可能です!) お気軽にお申し込みください☆


Basic English / Winter



【時間/スケジュール】 10:00— 14:30
9:45~10:15  登園 /先生と一緒にフリープレイ/ラーニングセンター
10:15~10:30 モーニングサークル
10:30~11:10 レッスンタイム(挨拶・カレンダー・アルファベット・フォニックス・テーマボキャブラリー・ロールプレイなど)
11:10~11:20 ブレイクタイム
11:20~12:00 ライティング/クラフトタイム
12:00~13:00 ランチタイム
13:00~13:20 先生と一緒にフリープレイ
13:20~14:00 アクティビティタイム(パーク・ゲーム・歌・ムービー・ダンスなど)
14:00~14:15 ストーリータイム/クロージングサークル
14:15~14:45 降園

●1歳半~未就園児 ¥6,000/1日 ※3日以上参加 ¥5,000/1日
●年少~小学2年 ¥5,500/1日 ※3日以上参加 ¥4,500/1日




  • ☆About Monthly Homework☆
    ☆About Monthly Homework☆

    In the Kinder class, we create a homework set according to the monthly theme.

    ● Theme vocabulary and phrase sheet
    ● Daily phrase sheet (setting from children’s daily life)
    ● CD with sheet reading and monthly songs
    Children seem to like the CD that teachers have recorded as children 🙂

    ◆サンプル1:Daily Phrases(Topic:Park)

    ◆サンプル2: Vocabulary and sentences (Theme:Animals)

    In the Nursery class, a CD is given at the time of enrollment. It has a school year’s worth of songs.


Smile Kids International- ごあいさつ -

Smile Kids International is an international school for children who reside in Japan. Smile Kids International was founded in 2004 at Kita Kashiwa.

We have a nursery, preschool, and kindergarten class on weekdays that is held from the morning thru the afternoon. We also have several private lessons and English classes that are different levels for preschoolers and elementary students during the afternoon. Smile Kids International also has a Mommy and Me class where you can join with your child and also a Saturday class. We also provide a summer, winter, and spring program where children can attend during their long vacation from their school. A lot of children come and join our school and Smile Kids International is always full of laughter!

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